Intelligent Provisioning Management (iPM)

iPM, Intelligent Provisioning Management is Mobile-Technologies outstanding Just-in-time Provisioning solution for Mobile Operators. iPM is the scalable, cost effective and secure key to optimizing costly resources like MSISDN. Through automated or manually provisioning, iPM completes higher operational productivity and expands the first-time experience for your customers while reducing business risk.


Dynamic number(MSISDN)selection

Flexibility to choose any numbers available in the network/ region
Choosing any preferred premium or special number

Dynamic SIM provisioning

SIM and number are provisioned on demand when user starts using a SIM
Optimize network utilization
Reduce number (MSISDN) requirement
Improve logistic and internal processes

Location based activation

Allocation of IMSI and number (MSISDN) as per user’s location
Management of Location data (Cell ID, LAC, Region)

Dynamic M2M device activation

Device activation on the first time usage
Automatic number (MSISDN) allocation

Built-in virtual HLR/AUC capability

GSM and UMTS authentication when the SIM is used on the first time
SS7 over TDM/IP/ATM interface
Compliant with ETSI 3GPP

Built-in SMSC capability

SIM & Backend server communication
Bypassing a potential overload of the operator’s SMSC
SS7 over TDM/IP/ATM interface
Compliant with ETSI 3GPP

Business Challenges

Today’s challenge for an increasing number of Mobile Network Operators is to manage its core business processes such as costly resources like MSISDN and network capacities, lack of efficiency in SIM logistics, number inventory management, IMSI, ICCID, MSISDN and HLR allocation.
Increased MSISDN management business risk

  • Huge gap between planned, allocated or invested MSISDN and revenue-generating subscribers.
  • Lack of visibility to maintain sufficient inventory of MSISDN numbers / SIM for growth
  • Investment loss in hardware, software license, support and maintenance of non-revenue generating pre-provisioned numbers
  • Major cost implication for MSISDN in some countries
  • Lack of automation in number management leading to the risk of duplication or removal of revenue-generating subscribers.
  • Little flexibility in product management as numbers are assigned long before use
  • Expiry dates on SIM products due to MSISDN recycling requirement leads to inventory write-offs

iPM Key Benefits

  • SIM activation with number selection, detecting first-time use of the SIM and activate the SIM card just in time with customer preferred number
  • Allows operator to order SIMs without any MSISDN or product associated.
  • A SIM can be assigned with any product/number at the time of planning
  • This also means SIM stocks can be moved freely as they are not linked to a specific product type.
  • The operator can support different SIM products without worrying about packaging costs and the risk of wastage.
  • MSISDN is activated on Network elements only at the time of activation which saves cost & network capacity
  • Operator can offer vanity numbers, services/products for the customer to choose from at the time of activation
  • Allows customer to choose language, package/tariff and vanity numbers of choice for their choice during activation process
  • Mobile Number Portability (MNP) activation, allowing a customer to change mobile operator by keeping the same MSISDN with ease