Customer Registration & Biometric Verification Anytime & Anywhere

iRM is a comprehensive and secure Registration Management system which is accessible via the web and smartphone devices. iRM is an easy to use application that allows for all customer data, as mandated by the regulatory authority, to be captured, verified and safely stored. iRM is a fully automated solution that allows for KYC registration to take place virtually anytime and anywhere.

Multiple registration channels

Perform registration either via a web interface (Webcare) or Mobile Interface (mPOS)

Flexible registration flow

Capture virtually any type of customer data with the option of built-in validation and verification rules

Offline registration

Register customers even in areas with no network coverage via mPOS

Biometric data

Capture fingerprint, facial images including facial validation to automatically recognize the presence of a human face

Additional data capture methods

Such as Barcode Scan, Digital Signature, and OCR


Encryption and token used in connections made to the backend system to ensure security compliance.

Subscriber Personalization (Real-Time Provisioning)

Enable number selection, service selection, and tariff plan selection

Administration console

Perform daily operations with audit logs to ensure traceability


A comprehensive set of built-in reports for monitoring and further analysis

Business Challenges

An increasing number of countries have been introduced with mandatory registration of prepaid SIM card users, primarily as a tool to support law enforcement efforts. The introduction of customer registration while beneficial in many ways, introduces a number of challenges to the operator:

  •  Short deadlines to comply with new regulations
  •  Absence of overview within all business areas, products and services
  •  Small footprint for execution of registration process
  •  Data loss, poor network coverage and unavailability of 3rd party system
  •  Excessive administrative work to collect and store customer details
  •  Loss of customer & revenue due to a cumbersome registration process
  •  Human error in the activation process.

Key Benefits

  • Fast time to market with a solution tailored to meet country specific regulatory requirements
  • Can be enhanced and customized to have additional features like SIM swap, Mobile payment, Multiple/additional MSISDN Registration and so on
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface that requires minimal training
  • Broader acquisition footprint through web and mobile customer registration channels
  • Enhanced data integrity through built-in automatic validation rules
  • Reduced potential fraud through real-time verification
  • Get to Know Your Customer (KYC) – generate marketing campaigns based on customer profile and demographics via same application
  • Reduce operational costs
  • High performance and scalable solution