Intelligent Sales Visit Management(iSVM)

Mobile-Technologies Intelligent Sales Visit Management (iSVM) is an intuitive and powerful application that empowers organizations to manage their sales performance, track its movements, schedule meetings for them, thereby enhancing capabilities to manage business relationships with its downstream channels. iSVM is designed to deliver greater effiency for those who are constantly on the move and at the same time provide a real-time overview of team leaders accessible from anywhere. iSVM provides an extensive set of features to collect critical information to identify where the business is and where it could be.

Check in / Check Out

Ability to record work progress when a salesperson is constantly on the move

Flexible registration flow

Capture virtually any type of customer data with the option of built-in validation and verification rules.

Map Visualization

Sales activity (location check in/check out) can be viewed on the map alongside customer’s location for precise monitoring and control of activities.

Appointment Management

Web & mobile based Interface that can be used to create and modify appointments.

Point of Interests (POIs)

All points of interests (Example: competitor location, signage, and more on-ground critical information) that Sales teams come across while on the move can be captured and viewed on a map.


Interface for Supervisor/Manager to design questionnaires and assign to Sales teams to do a survey during a customer visit. Responses can be viewed real-time from the web interface as soon as it is completed.


Sales can report feedbacks and issues from customers via the same application and dispatch it to the appropriate channel.


A comprehensive set of built-in reports for monitoring and further analysis.

Business Challenges

There is always a pressing need to know the market pulse to keep growing as a business unit. However, as the business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to know what is happening in the market landscape. Some of the critical challenges faced are:

  • Sales teams are constantly on the road and it is difficult to track their activities and progress.
  • Sales teams need access to the system in order to be able to fulfill their assignments (Laptops are bulky and inconvenient to carry).
  • Understanding your distribution hierarchy is a time-consuming task that takes a lot of effort to capture and analyze in order to get valuable insights.
  • Lack of proper tools to report intelligence of competition.
  • Lack of statistical feedback from dealers on service and sales teams.
  • Lack of KPI reports to measure and manage sales teams.
  • Loss of opportunities from an unorganized visit.
  • Lack of knowledge on inventory while on the go.
  • Lack of medium to capture Point of Interest.

iSVM Key Benefits

  • Stay connected with your sales team while in the field.
  • Ability to schedule appointments with downstream channels.
  • Centralized system to manage all sales activities
  • Schedule appointments for sales with prospective customers
  • Comprehensive tool allowing tracking and reporting.
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface that requires minimal training.
  • High performance and scalable solutions.