Intelligent Voucher Management (iVM)

iVM, Intelligent Voucher & Pin Management is Mobile-Technologies’ superior solution for voucher management that includes automated secure PIN generation, voucher life cycle management, sales and account management and stock distribution. iVM manages the full lifecycle of the voucher and Pin products in an effective and secure system, accurately managing, tracking and recycling vouchers and Pin. iVM reduce business risks of time critical tasks by facilitating tailor-made segmentation of campaigns, products, customers, marketing, sale and logistics.

Order management

Manage orders for voucher printing to print suppliers. Plus the orders from downstream channels

Channel Distribution Management

Distributor account management, location assignment, stock allocation

Product Management

Product configure services, denomination and tariff plans, promotional vouchers configuration

Print Suppliers Management

Manage printing suppliers, facilitate quality checks of Vouchers

Voucher Data Management

Search voucher and update its status by batch or individually, damaged PIN replacement, blocking and blacklisting

Security Implementation

PIN encryption using keys with algorithm, (DES, 3DES & AES) file handling using PGP and secure FTP

Business Challenges

The accelerated growth of prepaid services affects the performance of supply chains and logistics. It impacts the performance of voucher data generation and distribution. Some of the critical challenges faced are:

  • Increasing demand from prepaid customers (ubiquity, availability, and ease-of-use)
  • Lack of control with voucher data management (including replacement, blocking and blacklisting)
  • Complexity of managing stock levels of vouchers and Pins, distributors and sales regions
  • Inaccurate vouchers and Pin data for reporting and forecasting
  • Loss of business opportunities due to lack of data from distributors, channels, and dealers
  • Lack of security for different Pins (DES, 3DES & AES)
  • Time-consuming and inefficient management of vouchers and their lifecycle across regions and products.