Intelligent SIM Management(iSM)

Mobile-Technologies’ Intelligent SIM & Number Management (iSM) is a comprehensive solution that reliably manages the SIM and number resources for mobile operators. iSM manages the full lifecycle of the SIM product and numbers consistently and securely, accurately managing, assigning, and tracking SIM orders and logical resources in real-time. Through automation, iSM achieves greater operational efficiency and improves the customer experience while reducing business risk.

Order Management

Drives the SIM order process and lifecycle, including SIM product, SIM packaging and number selection based on SIM vendor allocation

Product Management

Full control of SIM product including the electrical/graphical profile, chip type, file template, artwork and packaging

 Number Inventory

Manage MSISDN, IMSI, ICCID number plans, batch numbers, golden number, and HLR number capacity

 SIM Provisioning

Define automated or manual provisioning rules for SIM data including output file Validation before provisioning

Stock Inventory

Real-time view of SIM inventory in warehouses where stocks are received and dispatched to other locations

Number Recycling

Manually and automatically recycle the MSISDN number after a configurable quarantine period

SIM Vendor Management

Effectively manage the SIM vendors for SIM ordering and packaging


Powerful reporting web display that can be exported to several document formats

Business Challenges

Typically, SIM cards and associated number resources (such as MSISDNs, IMSIs, and ICCIDs) are tracked using bespoke systems and manual processes. This creates data inconsistencies, operational inefficiencies, and introduces risk through inaccurate management of numbering resources, SIM cards, and SIM orders. Furthermore, complexity and risk increase as the operator’s SIM product offering and network grow.

The consequences of not using iSM results in:

  • Complexity on managing IMSI & MSISDN across HLR’s regions & products
  • Data inconsistency and duplication when creating SIM orders
  • Risk of distributing inactive SIM cards due to wrong output data
  • Inaccurate SIM and MSISDN information for utilization in reporting and forecasting
  • Inefficiency and delays in identifying provisioned SIM cards
  • Inability to accurately manage and track ported phone numbers.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates data inconsistencies by accurately tracking, managing and assigning SIM and number resources in real-time
  • Fully automates the management of SIM cards and number inventory lifecycle and removes manual intervention for business-critical processes
  • Simplifies the management of SIM products, electrical, graphical profiles, artworks, etc.
  • Automatic validation and quality assurance checks throughout the process significantly reduces the risk of errors
  • An intelligent tool to optimize operator network capacity by analyzing operator HLR capacity
  • No mistakes in inventory planning of SIM cards in the warehouse, easy fast, and secure way
  • An interactive user interface for users with minimal technical expertise
  • Adaption to the operator’s order management system capabilities